Lafeber Powdered Bird Vitamins 1.25 oz.

Lafeber Powdered Bird Vitamins 1.25 oz.

Lafeber Powdered Bird Vitamins 1.25 oz.

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Lafeber's Avi-Era Vitamins. For your bird, it's health insurance.

Even the best diets may need help. Birds, as you know, are sensitive beings and can sometimes react to the slightest disruption by not eating. The owner goes out of town-the bird won't eat. Someone changes the wallpaper-the bird won't eat. There's one case where a man grew a beard. The bird didn't recognize him and wouldn't eat.

Not eating is a concern in any animal. But birds are especially vulnerable because there's an immediate effect on their metabolism. Every passing hour can be crucial.

That's why every concerned bird owner should always have two things on hand: their veterinarian's number and Lafeber's Avi-Era vitamins.

It's the vitamin you can give with confidence. Avi-Era is made to be easy to administer. There's no mixing necessary because it dissolves easily in water.

In fact, the expiration date is stamped right on the bottle. And with the 13 essential nutrients, it's a standard every veterinarian recognizes and respects.

We hope your bird may never need the extra help. But if they do, Avi-Era Vitamins are health insurance.

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