Foraging Drawer Toys

Foraging Drawer Toys

Foraging Drawer Toys

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Size: Foraging Fun!

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Each of these foraging devices provides varying levels of difficulty that require the parrot to exercise different physical and intellectual skills. The common design advantage of these devices is that the bird is able to see the food but must solve different mechanical challenges in order to procure the food. Most devices have food access openings; these openings have polished edges toprevent injury while the bird is removing food items.

THREE-DRAWER STACK: This device hangs in the cage and consists of three 2-inch, pull-out drawers located on three different sides. Parrots must open the drawer(s) to access the food or treats. Each drawer has a positive stop to prevent it from falling out or being easily removed by the bird. This device becomes most interesting when you add favorite treats, such as pine nuts or grapes, in different drawers and allow the bird to make choices based on being able to see the contents. Another idea is to hide a treat, such as a nut or a piece of dried fruit, in shredded paper and stuff it into the drawer. 2" Cubes x 6".

THREE-DOOR SLIDE: This is a hanging device with three sliding doors, all located on different sides. Each door has two openings so that the birdcan partially access bits food without opening the door. The doors have a positive stop to prevent them from falling out or being easily removed by the bird.Successful foraging of food items requires patience, perseverance, and athleticism. The parrot must sit on a perch, hold the tube stationary, and slide the door open. As the parrot has a full view of the contents, the bird and can select various food items according to preference. Compartments can be filled with fresh fruit or veggies, dried fruit, various nuts, Lafeber's Nutri-Berries, and other favorite treats. Size: 2" Cubes x 6".

TWO-DRAWER / TWO-DOOR STACK: This device is made up of four 2-inch square cubes that are stacked on top of each other. Two of these cubes have slide-out doors, and two have pull-out drawers, and each cube opens from a different side. You can easily reposition the cubes and/or the openings to continue stimulating your pet bird's interest. The parrot must stand on one foot, hold the device steady with the other foot and open the door or drawer with its beak to collect the food items. The Two-Drawer/Two-Door Stack device requires good balance and coordination. The bird must have enough experience and self confidence to know that determination and hard work will result in a reward. Fill the compartments with a combination of favorite familiar food items mixed with something new. Due to the effort required, the bird should be rewarded with something it enjoys, and, because of that effort, it will be more receptive to something new. Size: 2" cube x 8"

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