Frequently Asked Questions about our Pet Bird & Parrot Cages:

What are your cages made of?

Unless choosing stainless steel, our cages are made of durable wrought-iron and are powdercoated with multiple layers of safe and durable powdercoat- in a variety of colors to match your interior. (There are lower-quality cages on the market with inferior powerdercoating, but we hold our cages to high standards).

Are your cages bird-safe and non-toxic? I have heard some terrible stories about birds being harmed after chewing on their cages and ingesting paint.

Our cages are ALL Non-Toxic to your bird and your entire family. That said, ingesting paint is never healthy, and if your bird is prone to making her cage a chew-toy, we recommend looking into our Stainless Steel, which is impossible to ingest.

Are the seed guards (or "mess guards") built into the cages?

All of our cages are measured by the Width x Depth x Overall Height. The included mess guards (most models) add 3.5" - 4" to the stated dimensions of each side of the cage (8" to the depth and 8" to the width). The attachment method varies by cage (they are optional), and are always sturdy, yet removable.

What is the advantage of buying a Stainless Steel cage? Why are they more expensive than powdercoated cages?

Stainless steel cages are ideal because they last so incredibly long- you might not have to buy another cage again! Stainless steel is a more expensive metal than wrought iron (powdercoated) cages are made of. Stainless steel cages are resistant to rust and there is also no paint to peel off, or for your bird to chip away at (but be careful of cheaper imitations, which are plated in SS- rather than our stainless options, which are all full stainless steel throughout!- nothing to peel). Stainless steel also has no texture like paint that holds poop and dander, which makes it easier to keep your new stainless steel shiny and beautiful for years!

Are the cage bars horizontal or vertical?

The majority of our cages have a combination of horizontal and vertical bars-- horizontal for climbing and vertical for nice visibility.

Do your cages require assembly?

Yes, each cage will require assembly. If you have any questions about assembly, don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-CAGE-4-LESS for assistance.

Who makes your cages?

Unless a specific manufacturer is listed, the cages are "generic" and are often made specifically for us!

We do the shopping for you to find the highest quality (we're very picky!) for the lowest price.

Why are your cages so inexpensive?

Thanks to the benefits of quantity purchasing, we buy and sell in large volume, and gladly pass the savings on to you! So, you're getting a high quality cage 4 less!

How often should I clean my new cage?

Just like people, birds enjoy living in a clean environment. We have found that giving the cage a quick scrub-down with an antibacterial cage cleaning spray once weekly has helped keep things in control, and we make sure to change the newspaper or bedding at least once a week as well.

What's the best way to get old, crusty droppings off my cage?

The most important factor in keeping hardened, crusty poops from adhering to the cage is prevention by regular cleanings. Some folks use a commercial steamer to loosen droppings, but this is not necessary with product-assisted regular cleaning. Whichever solution you choose from our Maintenance category, they all truly do work to loosen poop! (And the spray bottle makes it oh so easy!) Rest assured that each product we carry is safe, non-toxic, and won't harm your cage's powdercoat.

My bird loves to scavenge at the bottom of the cage. Should I let him do this?

There are varying opinions about this. Some avian specialists like to emulate the bird's natural environment as much as possible, and that includes allowing the bird to forage on the ground for food as they would in the wild. Other specialists (primarily vets) prefer to keep the bird out of his droppings area, as bacteria is very prevalent in this area and may cause a plethora of infections or diseases. To assist with this, all of our cages have a grate above the tray to prevent birds from walking in their droppings.

Should I cover my bird at night? Why or why not?

According to the experts- YES! Pet birds need between 10-12 hours of sleep every night- and I don't know many humans who get that kind of zzzz's! It's rather like sleeping with a blanket on to provide warmth, security, and a sense of comfort, and shelters your friend from spooky night shadows and noises. We sell only CozzzyBird brand cage covers that fit all our cages, and the heavy yet breathable fabric comes in three beautiful colors. Best of all, they were designed by an engineer, so they're super-easy to put on even the largest cages!

How much should a new cage cost?

Like new cars, there are many different options- like brand names, bells/whistles, and levels of quality. There is also the option of Stainless Steel, which is more of an investment up front, but will last indefinitely. Make sure to choose a cage large enough for your bird's health and well-being, and from there, choose a cage with the highest quality you can afford in a style and color you enjoy. For extra help with this, please see our Cage Buying Guide-- mystery solved!

Be careful of small companies you find on places like eBay because they are generally run from home and you don't know what kind of long-term service you'll receive, and if they will be around in a few years when you need them again. You want to know that your cage supplier will be there for you in the long haul. You also don't want to work with a company that will refuse to handle shipping damage or replacement issues on your behalf- we've heard too many sad stories!

Bird Cages 4 Less, your new home for all bird / parrot cages and other products, guarantees long-term, dedicated service to you and your feathered family.

For the Love of Birds,
~Your Team at Bird Cages 4 Less, Inc.