Bird Cages for Large Cockatoos

Selecting a large cockatoo cage is a very important task when bringing home your new feathered friend. Your pet birds cage is their home, so you want to select the most spacious and comfortable bird cage you can afford. We here at Bird Cages 4 Less have a large selection of large cockatoo bird cages that will appeal to your personal taste and style. Large Cockatoos are extremely intelligent and agile birds who can easily manipulate locks and undo screws, so when shopping for a bird cage it is important to keep your birds mechanical inclinations in mind.

When purchasing a bird cage for your Large Cockatoo we recommend seeking a cage that has the option to securely lock all doors, including feeder doors. You don't want a Large Cockatoo loose in your house! Thicker bars are also recommended, because Large Cockatoo beaks are very strong and can bend smaller, wire cage type bars. There are a number of Large Cockatoo species being kept as pets, the most popular being the Umbrella Cockatoo and Moluccan Cockatoo. A Large Cockatoo is a loud and gregarious bird - so before bringing a Large Cockatoo into your home, be sure you are prepared for the noise and activity level of these lovely large birds.

Have fun shopping our large cockatoo cages for sale, and don't be afraid to contact our customer service representative with any questions you have about our bird cages.