Space Saver Bird Cages!

One of the biggest concerns for new and old bird owners alike is finding a bird cage that will fit their space! Parrots need room to spread their wings and play – that can sometimes mean parrot owners find themselves needing a larger bird cage than they originally realized.

Our space saver bird cages can help! Bird Cages 4 Less carries not only breeder bird cages, and flight cages for large flocks of small birds, but also double and triple bird cages that are stacked, saving space with your living quarters!

Our large selection of space saver bird cages offer solutions for small birds, such as Parakeets, medium size birds such as Cockatiels and Senegals, as well as large parrots such as African Greys and Cockatoos. All of our bird cages are tested by independent laboratories and are certified non-toxic and bird safe.

For the ultimate in space saving bird cages, we recommend the Hawaiian Hotel™ Three Tier Bird Cage. This triple decker bird cage features 5/8 inch bar spacing, 20 inches of interior height (each compartment), 2 swing-out feeder doors with stainless steel dishes (per compartment), 3 perches, and 3 large front doors for easy access. A triple-decker space saving solution for Cockatiels, Conures, Senegals and other medium size birds!