Bird Cages for Senegals!

How to pick the perfect cage for your Senegal parrot!

Senegal parrots make wonderful companion birds with their independent, playful, and affectionate temperaments. Growing from 9 1/2" to 10" in length and weighing an average of 140 grams, the Senegal parrot is a member of the poincephalus family of birds who have a home range in South Africa and boast a striking plumage of greens, oranges, and greys.

Here at Bird Cages 4 Less, we carry a full selection of bird cages that work perfectly for your Senegal or other poincephalus parrot! Senegals are relatively quiet parrots with entertaining and zany antics. They enjoy roosting in a higher location for a sense of privacy and security.

Bird Cages 4 Less offers many Senegal friendly bird cage functions including bird-proof locking doors, swing-out feed doors, and removable trays! We take care in offering your pet Senegal safe caging options. With proper bar spacing and plenty of flight space to ensure your companion enjoys a cage in which they can play to their hearts content! Shop our large selection of Senegal parrot cages today!

Below are a wide variety of quality bird cages that would be ideal for your Senegals! And most of these bird cages are on sale now!

Shop for that decorative bird cage for your Senegal at Bird Cages 4 Less!