Bird Toys!

Buying bird toys for your parrot or bird is more than just entertainment, it's about their mental stimulation, physical activity, and ultimately, happiness. Toys for bird cages can also provide health benefits, like dulling nails and beaks, or keeping chewing to toys, not cages. In the wild, your bird is used to foraging, climbing and exploring. Today's bird toys encourage these natural behaviors, rewarding birds with desired food or treats.

We carry a huge collection of toys for parrot cages. Our bird toys are available in a range of sizes and materials, to allow you to find the right toys for your bird's cage and personality. Ideally, your bird should have multiple toys to help keep them engaged, each providing a different type of activity- from climbing to chewing to exercising. Toys for bird cages can also help provide privacy for your bird, however take care not to overcrowd their space. After plenty of playtime, your bird will likely wear their toys out. Refreshing their toys on a regular basis will not only keep them stimulated, but ensure good health.
Batter Up!

Batter Up!

Size: Two Sizes Available
Price: As Low As $16.95