Banyan Bird Cage Line For Small Birds!

Looking for more durability and a larger bird cage, but still need that small bar spacing? Our Banyan Line bird cages are the perfect place to shop for larger, more durable bird cages for small birds!

This bird cage line offers heavier gauge wire and more interior room, while still keeping the bar spacing small enough to accommodate your Parakeet, Conure, Finch or other small bird.

Our small bird cages include dome tops, play tops, flight cages and even bird cages that house multiple birds.

For the ultimate in flight cages, we recommend the Pali Place Bird Cage. This spacious flight cage features a 1/2" bar spacing (perfect for small birds), removable pan and grate, two access doors, two breeder doors, a rolling stand with storage shelf, interior shelves and ladders for more fun!