Bird Cages for Large Parakeets!

The term Parakeet is often used to refer to a wide range of birds. The bird cages below are specifically recommended for larger Parakeets, such as Indian Ring-neck Parakeets, Alexandrine Parakeets, Quaker Parrots, Rosellas, and other similar-sized birds.

These large Parakeets all offer their own unique looks and personalities.

Bird Cages 4 Less has a variety of medium bird cages with 5/8ā€¯ to 3/4" bar spacing just right for you large Parakeet. You'll find play tops, dome tops, convertible tops, square, rectangle and round medium bird cages and parakeet cages all right here at Bird Cages 4 Less!

If you have a small Parakeet, such as a Budgie or Linolated Parakeet check out our Small Parakeet Bird Cages category for appropriately-sized small bird cages.