Ambassador Program for Bird and Parrot Industry

Work from home and help develop our community of bird lovers! 

Paco the Parrot, the spokesperson for Bird Cages 4 Less, is looking for Ambassadors to develop a community of bird lovers!!!

The Ambassador Program will consist of multiple Ambassadors that will be responsible for developing our community in certain areas (Social Media, Blogging, Product Writers, Evangelists, etc.). Please visit this page often because we will be adding more Ambassador positions to the program. 

About our Ambassadors:
- They love birds and parrots!
- They work 5- 10 hours per week and can work from anywhere! Their are no work restrictions as long as we are building our community! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do and make some extra money or if you have a successful career/job and just looking for something fun  to do while making a few bucks, this position would be a great fit for you!
- They are paid a nominal rate per week (Typically $75- $100 per week) plus free product throughout the year! No more going to the pet/bird store!  
- They are upbeat, positive, fun to work with, and love to engage with a community.  
- They have creative and marketing skills.
- They have very good written communication skills. 
- They are active on Social Media and or Blogs. Also, know how to use technology.   

The following Ambassador positions are available:  
Facebook Ambassador (Hiring Now!)

Blogging Ambassador (Hiring Now!)