Bird Cages for Pionus!

Pionus parrots are chock-full of personality and charm! They have established a great reputation for having mellow temperaments, and make excellent pets. Here at Bird Cages 4 Less we carry many affordable bird caging options for your pet parrot. Pionus are a quieter, medium-sized parrot reaching 10" to 12" in length and 200 to 300 grams in weight. They are enchanting to observe, with shimmering feathers and bright red under-tail coverts. One of their unique characteristics is their wheezing sound, which occurs when excited or scared. As a species they tend to be acrobatic birds who love swinging, flying, and just hanging out on their favorite perch watching the clouds roll by!

At Bird Cages 4 Less we carry many styles of Pionus bird cages, that offer your pet a safe living place with room to move and play. Carefully selected for your parrots comfort and safety. Many Pionus parrots enjoy playtop bird cages, and this style bird cage is one of the numerous ways to enrich the environment of your parrot. Playtop bird cages allow for plenty of exercise both inside and outside your pets home. Bird Cages 4 Less carries the perfect bird cage for your pet Pionus! Check out our parrot owner friendly features, including pull out trays for ease of cleaning and grates to keep your Pionus' cage clean. At Bird Cages 4 Less our bird cages not only display your beautiful Pionus parrot, they also help keep them safe from predators and help to prevent their escape. We recommend you offer your Pionus the largest possible enclosure, with our flight cages being an excellent choice. From the smallest White-Capped Pionus to the largest Blue-Headed Pionus Bird Cages 4 Less is sure to have the right choice for your companion.

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