Bird Aviaries

Indoor Bird Aviaries

Looking to house multiple birds, or just want to give your feathered friends a larger, more natural environment? Our indoor aviaries are just what you need! Elegant and spacious, our indoor aviaries give you the opportunity to mimic your birds natural environment in a way conventional style cages can't. Many of our outdoor aviary models offer "indoor options" for those customers who want to use the same aviary inside during the colder months. Use of a bottom substrate (other than paper) will last a month or more with regular sifting, greatly reducing your amount of cage cleaning time over conventional cages. Give your birds more room to stretch their wings - order today!

Outdoor Bird Aviaries

Ever wished your birds could join you out of doors without fear from escape or danger from predators? Our outdoor aviaries are the answer! We offer the most affordable and largest outdoor aviaries for your birds. Create an outdoor play paradise for your birds! Easily insert perches, ropes, toys and even playstands through our large, easy access entry doors. By moving your parrot out of doors, even for part of the day you can cut your indoor cage cleaning chores by half! Our aviaries sit on your existing deck, slab or inexpensive pavers from your local home improvement store. What are you waiting for? Give your birds the fresh air and sunshine they crave today!

DELIVERY NOTE (4' aviaries and larger): Customer is required to be home on the day of the scheduled delivery with a claw hammer or small crow bar. This is because the crates are too heavy for the driver to lift by themself. Driver will, however, assist in breaking the crate open and will hand the individual panels to the customer. Liftgate can be added for an additional fee.