Bird Cages for Doves

Selecting a dove cage is a very important task when bringing home your new feathered friend. Your pet birds cage is their home, so you want to select the most spacious and comfortable cage you can afford. We here at Bird Cages 4 Less have a large selection of dove bird cages that can safely house your flighted friend. Doves are soft billed birds, and need more width then height in a cage due to their natural inclinations to forage on the ground and move from perch to perch much like a Finch would.

When purchasing a bird cage for your Dove, please consider getting the widest cage you can afford. Because Doves do not have beaks built like a parrot, so you don't have to worry about them damaging or bending the bars. Doves also require a different diet than a parrot, and need grit so they can properly break down the seeds they eat. Provide several different types of perches, including a platform perch for your Dove to rest on.

Have fun shopping our dove bird cages for sale, and don't be afraid to contact our customer service representative with any questions you have about our bird cages.

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