Bird Cage Covers!

Tuck your bird in for a restful night's sleep with a bird cage cover! Bird cage covers provide a darkened environment for promoting sleep.

Our bird cage covers are custom made in USA!!!! They are machine washable and made of durable poly/cotton fabric.

Sally Blanchard, Bird Behaviorist, Editor of Pet Bird Report, and contributor to Bird Talk says "I have always recommended covering the bird cages at night. It creates a secure bedtime ritual that helps parrots rest better."

If you have ever wondered why you should cover bird cages at night, the simple answer is many birds can actually suffer from sleep deprivation, which can result in problem bird behavior. A bird cage cover provides the security your bird craves while also blocking out excess light and noise to ensure your bird gets the proper amount of rest.

Our collection of bird cage covers and parrot cage covers has been specifically selected to ensure ease-of-use, long-term durability, and total comfort for your bird. Apart from providing a quiet setting, a parrot cage cover can also help regulate temperature and allow your bird to feel at ease, both of which can also be factors in poor sleep. Remember, your bird's cage is ultimately their home, and just like you, they want to feel safe and comfortable when inside.

At Bird Cages 4 Less, we offer universal size bird cage covers and custom covers to fit our specific bird cages
Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers

Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers

Size: Universal Sizes
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