Returning a Bird Cage

Returning a Bird Cage with Bird Cages 4 Less

Returning a bird cage can be pretty costly, so please read this page very carefully when considering a return of your bird cage. Paco wants you to be a happy, repeat customer and insists on open honesty about our terms of trade. Paco also wants to save you money and ensure your feathered friend has a bird cage he can call home!

Damaged Bird Cages

  • Damage during Shipping Happens Occasionally — All bird cages are new and in original packaging when they leave our warehouse. Paco wishes that every order made it through the shipping process damage free, but understands that humans (on whom Paco must rely) aren’t perfect and sometimes make mistakes! Paco wants to be sure your bird cage is delivered without any damage or issues!

  • Damaged Box — If your box(es) arrive with holes, dents, or other apparent damage, the bird cage inside is likely damage free (and the packaging did its protective job). Shipping boxes commonly suffer some wear and tear during normal transit processes.

    So, before reporting damage, or refusing shipment (see below), please inspect all contents within the packaging.

  • When Damage Exists, it is Usually Very Minimal, and only Affects Easily Replaceable Parts — 99% of shipping damage does not affect the entire bird cage. Any actual damage typically affects only one or two parts. If some parts are in fact damaged, please email photos of the damaged parts and your order information to We will promptly review your e-mail and ship the new replacement parts free of charge! Paco wants to complete your new bird cage right away!

  • Only Damaged Parts are Replaced, NOT the Entire Cage — When shipping damage has occurred and been verified, and to save customers time and money, our policy is to promptly ship replacements for the damaged parts only. We do not ship another complete new bird cage (because in most cases the majority of your new cage’s parts remain in a perfectly new and usable condition).

  • Do Not Refuse Shipment — Please do not refuse our shipment just because you see damage to the box. Please don’t do that! We ask that you instead accept delivery and inspect the contents!

    As mentioned above, we will replace any bird cage parts that are damaged free of charge. Paco stands behind his product!

    Unfortunately, if you refuse the package, our carrier (Fedex) will return the entire order to us, incurring additional shipping charges. By refusing the order and returning it, we must (and reserve the right to) charge you for both the shipping costs to you and the return shipping charges imposed by the carrier. We don’t want you to lose money!

  • Common Damaged Bird-Cage Parts — Bird cage parts like trays and panels are what typically suffer damage in the shipping process. These parts are minimal and will be replaced free of charge if they are damaged.

Paco and Bird Cages 4 Less stand behind our products, and when bird cage parts are damaged in transit we stand ready to quickly ship new replacements parts free of charge! Please help us verify the condition of your bird cage by accepting it, inspecting it, and communicating with us by email. Thanks!

Defective Bird Cages are Rare

  • Because our manufacturers very rarely release defective bird cages, our customers have less than a .05% chance of receiving a defective bird cage. It almost never happens!

  • Moreover, what appears to be a defective bird cage (or cage component) is usually a bird cage that suffered damage en route to you.

  • If you think your bird cage is defective, please read and follow the comments/policies in the “Damaged Bird Cage” section above.

Remember, defective bird cages usually = damaged bird cage parts. Paco and Bird Cages 4 Less stand behind our products, and when bird cage parts are damaged in transit we stand ready to quickly ship new replacements parts free of charge! Please help us verify the condition of your bird cage by accepting it, inspecting it, and communicating with us by email. Thanks!

Costs of Returning a Bird Cage (PLEASE READ!)

  • Returning a Bird Cage is Expensive — Bird cages weigh a lot (between 25 lbs. – 300 lbs.), so return shipping is not cheap!

  • Total Cost of Returning a Bird Cage includes:

    • Shipping Costs to You — You may ask, but I thought it was “Free Shipping”? This terminology can be confusing. Any “Free Shipping” product price point includes a “built in” shipping cost. The shipping cost is there, it’s just included as an element of the total product price. The seller still has to pay to ship the product to the customer, and pays for the shipping out of the price paid by the customer, thus reducing the net price seller receives. “Free Shipping” is a marketing term-of-art developed by e-commerce retailers to help customers make purchasing decisions and ensure that they know easily and exactly what their total purchase price is, without calculating add-ons or unpleasant surprises at checkout.

    • Shipping Costs Back to Paco — Customers electing to return a bird cage are responsible for arranging and paying for return shipping to our warehouse. We do not provide return labels or pay for return shipping. Customers returning bird cages are advised to secure a shipping estimate through a UPS Store or FedEx location, and to anticipate potentially significant shipping costs due to bird-cage weights.

    • Restocking Fee of 15% — Paco gets busy when a returned cage arrives; it has to be fully inspected, repackaged if appropriate, re-stored in our facility, and re-inventoried digitally—all of which takes time—and Paco has to rely on (and pay) humans to do this! To cover the cost of this process we assess a fee equal to 15% of the original purchase price.

In summary, if a customer returns a bird cage, the customer must pay the return shipping cost, and the cost Paco paid to ship it to the customer (a cost Paco has already paid the original shipper) and the 15% restocking fee will be deducted from any purchase-price refund.

  • Example of Costs of Returning a Bird Cage — This example provides a simple illustration of the total costs you will incur when returning a bird cage:
           $300.00 — Total Purchase Price with “Free Shipping.”
           - $50.00 — Shipping Costs we incurred to ship to you.
           - $65.00 — Return Shipping Costs at noncommercial rates.
           - $45.00 — Restocking Fee of 15%.
            $205.00 — Refund from Paco.
            $140.00 — Net refund after customer’s return-shipping costs.

As a rule of thumb, your net refund will be approximately 50% of your purchase price (ouch!)—not exactly something we like having to explain. Bird cage shipping costs being what they are, however, Paco wants customers to know that returning cages is expensive. For our customers, it’s far easier, and much better financially, to replace a part than to return a complete cage.

Reasons for Returning a Bird Cage

  • Damage or Defect — We highly recommend that you do not return a bird cage due to shipping damages or defects. We will replace any parts that were damaged free of charge. Please read our sections labeled “Damaged Bird Cage” and “Defective Bird Cage.” Returning a bird cage will cost you a lot of money to ship it back to us.

  • Wrong Size or Color — We understand this and respect your decision. Just be aware that you must follow our Return Policy

  • Not Happy with Design — We understand this and respect your decision. Just be aware that you must follow our Return Policy.

Bird Cage Return Policy

  • Returns Within 30 Days of Purchase — We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. No problem at all!

  • Damage or Defects — We promptly ship you new replacements for damaged or defective parts free of charge! To secure replacements you must email images clearly depicting damaged or defective parts to along with your order information (number) within 14 days of receiving your bird cage.

  • Total Cost of Returning Bird Cages — Please read the section above labeled “Costs of Returning a Bird Cage” very carefully to understand all costs associated with the return process.

  • Full Return Policy — Our entire return policy is found here. 

Reselling Your Bird Cage

  • Craig’s List — Great online local classifieds page within your community. Posting an ad is free. There are many Craig’s List buyers looking for bird cages, making your subsequent sale easy. You may not get full value, but it’s often a better economic option that returning a bird cage to us.

  • Sell to Friends and Family — Many customers are able to sell their bird cage to a friend or family member. You may not get full value but what are friends and family for!

  • Donate to Bird Rescues and Bird Organizations and Nonprofits — Bird Rescues and Bird Organizations are always in need of bird cages. Usually, these nonprofits can give you a tax deductible receipt for the full value of the bird cage. By donating your bird cage, you will be helping a nonprofit in need and getting a full value write off on your taxes. What more do you want than that! Paco loves organizations committed to his fellow feathered flock!

We think we did a pretty thorough job of explaining the process of returning a bird cage, the costs, and the associated do’s and don’ts. Paco hopes that you don’t need to return your bird cage! He wants all his feathered flock to be styling, playing, relaxing, and perching in their new mansions!

Questions? Paco is only an e-mail away! Please e-mail him at

Thanks and Take Care!
Paco the Parrot