Large Bird Cages for Cockatoos!

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There is 21 species of Cockatoos coming in a variety of attributes and sizes, with requirements for their housing to match.

Black Palm and Moluccan Cockatoos are the largest of the bunch. The length of the bird cage must be able to accommodate their large wing span. Black Palms reach two feet in height and don’t forget their impressive comb on their head! Weighing in at nearly 3 pounds, these large parrots need plenty of room. The strength of the Black Palm’s beak allows him to break 1 inch diameter branches into pieces with little effort. Keep this in mind while selecting the strength of the bars for your parrot cage.

Umbrella Cockatoos and the even smaller Goffin Cockatoos still pack a lot of punch in their beak. For your safety and the birds, it is important to make an educated decision when selecting this large bird cage. You need to properly suit the needs of your parrot. However, with such a grand selection of sizes and large bird cages available, you will also be able to select an enclosure with your own sense of decorating and pizzazz. There is a selection of Cockatoo cages that have play stations on the top of them that you may want to consider for your pet. If space is limited this is a solution to provide your bird with a safe place to play and to call his own while spending time outside of his large bird cage. It is recommended that large parrots spend at least 3 hours a day out of their bird cage to provide them with more exercise and social stimulation. Unfortunately, Cockatoos, out of all large parrots are the most prone to emotional disorders that lead to plucking and, in extreme cases, self mutilation. It is imperative your Cockatoo has a spacious bird cage with room for large bird toys and bird treats, and a routine that includes playing outside of his large bird cage with his favorite people. Shower time for Cockatoos can be a delightful way for you to play and interact with your parrot.

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