Breeding Bird Cages for your Small Bird Breeding Pairs!

Breeding parrots takes dedication, patience, and love! Having the right bird cage in which to start a new family can be key!

Breeding parrots takes plenty of dedication, patience, and love. Having the right breeding bird cage to start a new feathered family is absolutely essential. We carry all types of cages for breeders, including stacking breeding bird cages. These double and triple stacked breeding bird cages are completely modular, allowing you to add and remove them from your breeding cage stacking stand as your brood expands.

Our breeder bird cages also include breeding cages with dividers. These space-saving breeding bird cage sets allow you to purchase one unit and simply remove the dividers when required to create a huge space for your birds to socialize and mate. All of our bird cages for breeders are tested by independent laboratories and are certified non-toxic and bird safe. Whatever your breeding bird cage needs are, our metal breeding cages and breeding cage stands come equipped with great maintenance features as well, including easy cleanup, storage and mobility functions.

For small bird breeding pairs, we recommend the Bali Bungalow Breeding Bird Cage. This 3 bird cage set with stand features removable dividers, 18 inches of interior height, large access door, wood dowel perches, clear plastic food/water dishes, grate above the tray, slide out tray, handles for easy transport, breeder door 1/2" bar spacing and 3-tier stand. These outstanding features make this breeder bird cage ideal for your small breeding pairs.

Bird Cages 4 Less has the best options out there for all your breeding pairs. All of our breeder bird cages are tested by independent laboratories and are certified non-toxic and bird safe.