Perch and Groom Perch

Perch and Groom Perch

Perch and Groom Perch

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Having your birds nails clipped because they are too long requires a trip to your avian veterinarian or a qualified technician at a bird specialty store, however, the vast majority of nail clippings are not due to seriously overgrown nails but rather to bird owners becoming annoyed with the scratches and lacerations on their hands, arms and shoulders which are result when nails are too sharp.There is a hopelessly simple and economical solution and to this problem. Keep a ��Perch & Groom۝ grooming perch in the birds cage at all times, he will wear down those sharp talons without the stress of having to be restrained to have his nails filed.Perch & Groom, nontoxic and bird safe grooming perches are available in six sizes, they are irregularly shaped to reproduce the contour of a tree branch. The interior portion is a soft, textured, secure and comfortable surface and the exterior segment is covered with an abrasive to naturally grind down sharp nails.

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