Hilo Harbor™ Dometop Small Bird Cage

Hilo Harbor™  Dometop Small Bird Cage

Hilo Harbor™ Dometop Small Bird Cage

Product Code: PA5707
Size: 24"W x 16"D x 53"H
Stand Included!

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Price: As Low As $144.95
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More About Hilo Harbor™ Dometop Small Bird Cage

Elegantly designed dometop small bird cage!

  • Elegant Victorian styling
  • Optional built-in rolling stand on casters included
  • Spacious dometop design
  • Two color choices

Elegance meets excellence with the Hilo Harbor Dometop Small Bird Cage. This classically inspired small bird cage is ideally suited as a Parakeet bird cage Lovebird bird cage or Conure bird cage offering luxury amenities and great quality in a compact space. Designed with a spacious dometop, your bird will love the high quality stainless steel food cups, locking feeder doors and perch to rest the day away.

Enjoy easy setup of this round top small bird cage, plus your choice of either pristine white or modern black-silver to perfectly match your home. A removable tray and grate makes it simple to keep your bird's cage fresh and clean, while a secure locking mechanism ensures your bird won't make a great escape. This bird cage for small birds also comes equipped with its own stand on rolling casters, which can be set up for additional storage space and mobility but also stashed away when not needed.

Hilo Harbor™ Dometop Small Bird Cage with Stand Specifications:

  • Bird Cage Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 24"W x 16"D x 53"H
    • Inside Dimensions: 24"W x 16"D x 28"H (interior height 28")
  • Bar Spacing: 1/2" or 5/8" (Parakeets - 1/2" Bar Spacing option and Conures and Cockatiels -5/8" Bar Spacing option)
  • Bar Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Weight: 27 lbs.

Hilo Harbor™ Dometop Small Bird Cage with Stand Features: 

  • Lower storage shelf for quick access to food, treats, and supplies 
  • Removable grate (metal) and slide out tray (plastic) for easy cleaning
  • Swing out feeder doors
  • 2 feeder doors (swing out)
  • 2 stainless steel water and food feeders
  • 1 dowel wood perch
  • Horizontal side bars and vertical front and back bars make this fun for birds who like to climb
  • Cage and stand are separate pieces. Bird Cage comes with stand, but you do not have to assemble it if you do not need it!
  • Rolling casters for easy moving
  • Wrought iron construction and non-toxic powder coated finish
  • Bird proof locking system that is easy for humans, very difficult for birds!
  • Small Bird Cage Colors Available: White and Black
  • Small Bird Cage Suggested For: Budgies, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Finches, Conures, Cockatiels, and other similar sized birds!

Bird Toy and Accessory Package For Hilo Harbor Dometop Small Bird Cage 

Hilo Harbor Dometop Snall Bird Cage Text Assembly Instructions

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Beautiful cage
5 out of 5
Location: Kentucky
Date: July 1, 2020
I needed a cage that wasn't an eye sore and didn't take up too much space in my living room. This was perfect! My green cheek loves being around us and comes out more often as well. He had a larger cage in my bedroom but he spent more time in it. I've gotten compliments on the cage design. I will be back when I need another!
elegant spacious cage
5 out of 5
Date: April 20, 2016
Got this cage for my Indian Ringneck. It's spacious but a good size for an apartment. It has a wrought iron appearance, almost like a vintage bird cage, but this is functional.
PERFECT for Pair of Cockatiels
4 out of 5
Cockatiel Owner
Location: New York
Date: March 4, 2016
This cage is excellent for a pair of cockatiels (1/2" bar spacing)! There's ample space for them to spread their wings, climb and be alone when they want to be, even with several perches and toys placed inside. It's very sturdy and has held up extremely well over the years despite being rolled around, disassembled, scrubbed and jumped/laid on by a 17 lb cat. The top of the cage can be removed to create a cage-top perching area. My only problem with this cage is that bottom tray is NOT big enough (about 2" larger would've been perfect). When your bird poops around the perimeter of the cage, it'll miss the tray and cake onto the base. Seeds will also fall through the gaps to the floor, even with a mesh seed catcher. I found this flaw negligible at first, but having owned this cage for a few years now the extra cleanup has definitely gotten old. Other than that, this cage is fantastic for cockatiels and you can't beat the price.
Nice cage!
4 out of 5
Location: tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
Date: August 3, 2013
1. - Thank you for quick delivery! 2. - Instructions are not very helpful and didn't even come with the cage. Had hard time putting the top together. 3. - Cage looks great! A lot of space! My parakeet loves it! 4. - The size is just right! I am glad I didn't get 20"X20" )another similar cage)! Tjis size works much better for the bird!
Good Cage
4 out of 5
Location: Tupelo, Ms, USA
Date: June 1, 2013
This is one of the best cages for its price range. My birds love it. If the cups were closer to the top I could actually use that side if the cage for perches. With the cups down low I have to keep the area above the cups empty otherwise they fill up with droppings! Anyway, this is a great cage for its price! Thank you!
Great cage - better instructions needed
5 out of 5
Location: Elgin, IL, USA
Date: June 18, 2012
I recently got this cage - my first for my new parakeets. Now that it's together, I love it! As do the birds! The bottom grate is quite flimsy and cannot hold much weight, but it does complete the look. My biggest concern is that no instructions were sent along with the cage. Not even a picture or exploded view diagram. I found the text intructions on this site, but they were not extremely helpful to me. This is the first cage I have had to assemble, and better instructions would have cut the process by 1 third at least.
Hilo Harbor Dometop Cage
5 out of 5
Brenda Thompson
Location: Saxton, Pa, USA
Date: April 5, 2012
Love this cage. Price is great and free shipping too. Wasn't too difficult to assemble. The bottom shelf is a little flimsy but functions to stabalize the legs. Really roomy - nice cage for smaller birds. Very pretty!
Hilo Harbor cage
5 out of 5
Karyn Usselman
Location: Eagle Point, OR, USA
Date: August 16, 2011
This cage is quite big enough and a perfect size for my 2 parakeets - I can tell they just love it coming from a smaller cage. You'll need to get a couple more perches to put onto different levels, but they're inexpensive to add. Add a few toys and everyone's happy now! (Don't forget a mirror - they won't stop using it to admire themselves)... Mine did come w/written instructions and I had the cage together in 1-1/2 hours, but I am slow. My husband didn't even have to assemble it, so he was pretty happy about that ! Putting the dome top together was the most difficult task. So nice to have a stand with rolling wheels included. Thanks for this wonderful product at a really awesome price !!!
Hilo Harbor Fantastic Find with Minute Modifications
5 out of 5
Ann Marie
Location: Dubuque, IA, USA
Date: February 18, 2011
I found the dramatic Hilo Harbor on your site, and debated about getting this for my parakeet as she will be in the "Mrs." business at some point and I wanted to have a breeding house inside as well when needed. After putting together using the photos as well as the written instructions, at craft store Michaels I purchased Coastline Blue Quick Dry Acrylic Paint for under $2 for expected touch ups, and at Menards purchased a sheet of plexiglass and cut a clear base at 24 3/8" x 17 3/8" to address and set under the tray slightly too small to catch all debris. It works fantastic and although I do not have the free-standing stand in place, it sits graciously and there is no cleanup issue. The plexiglass cost around $10.00 and I cut it myself to correct size. I recommend these nominal adjustments --a fantastic find for Airabelle! :-)
really could have used some instructions.
4 out of 5
Location: Duck, WV, US
Date: July 26, 2010
I am getting a parrotlet, and even though they are tiny birds they need a lot of room. The quality of the cage is fine, although the shelf on the bottom isn't as sturdy as I would like. I had trouble putting the top of the cage on, but figured it out as best as I could. I don't understand how the bottom could have fallen out like another reviewer stated, the grate hooks onto the cage and is sturdy. The one thing I DON'T like, is that the tray needs to be a good 3/4 inch bigger all the way around. There is a lot of wiggling, and there is potential for my bird to make a big mess. Bottom line, I do like this cage, and hope it will be spacious enough for my new parrotlet. I know it would be great for a parakeet or other small bird that isn't quite as active. It was a good price, and I liked the free shipping.
5 out of 5
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Date: June 23, 2010
I bought this cage for my sun conure "Gavin." 100 bucks was the cheapest I could find anywhere for this size and with a stand...so I went ahead and ordered one even though I wasn't sure of what to expect. A couple of days pass and I got my package! It did not come with instructions but its pretty self explanatory. The cage looks beautiful...I didn't expect it to be so pretty in person...and my sun conure loves it! I am very happy with my purchase and intend to buy another for my green cheeks!
First experience with a Cockatiel
4 out of 5
Location: Jackson, MS, USA
Date: May 30, 2010
This is our first experience with a bird as a pet. So I really had no idea what to look for in a cage. I went to a pet store, and the prices were way over what we were looking to spend. And I wanted plenty of room for our bird to roam. This cage is HUGE! Our new bird, Mr. Bean, loves it. We bought various perches and other goodies, so he's been very happpy. On the downside, it is not oa cage that will last forever. The metal is quite weak. My daughter placed a small plastic bird bath on the floor of the cage, and the bottom fell out. Too much weight will do that, so everything is now hanging on the sides. But he's happy for now, and I'm pleased. When I purchased the cage, I assumed it wasn't very strong from the picture, so I really was not surprised. A great starter cage though! Note - This cage was purchased in 1/2" bar spacing which has thinner wire out of necessity - the wire on the 5/8" is thicker. There are also supports added to the 1/2" version for the grate (they don't appear to be in use).
Okay for the low price
4 out of 5
Michelle Koelling
Location: O'Fallon, MO, US
Date: July 24, 2009
This cage is big enough for my conure and cage can be lifted off the stand, so should be easy to move and clean. Was a little hard to assemble but this was the first cage I have had to put together myself. A good deal for the low price. Loved the free and fast delivery, too.
You are very much appreciated
5 out of 5
Dianne Calhoun
Location: Lake City, FL, USA
Date: May 12, 2009
Thanks for the cages they are great and so much space I really like them Thank You Dianne in FL
Thank You
5 out of 5
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Date: April 14, 2009
It is a beautiful cage and so large, my birds will have more than enough room to multiply. I'm glad I order this cage from your company instead of buying one here in Chicago
100% Satisfied
5 out of 5
Location: Winchester, CA, US
Date: March 23, 2009
Thank You very much! I am 100% satisfied with our new cage from Bird Cages 4 less....
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